We promote independence and self-care

Learning to become independent is a milestone that all schools welcome. To prepare your children for this, we specifically work on toilet training and assist your children in learning to eat and dress more independently

Small class sizes

The ratio of children to therapists is a maximum of 1: 4 in the classroom, consisting of a special education teacher and a teaching assistant. Children will start with a smaller class size of 1: 2 or 1: 3 depending on the child’s need.

Therapist/Student ratio’s are very high, at 1:2 or 1: 3, meaning two children to 1 teacher or therapist and maximum 3 children to 1 teacher or therapist. We also have several teaching assistants available.

Individual therapy is also included within the program on a weekly basis.

We work closely as a Team

RLG offers speech, occupational, physiotherapy, and early childhood/ special education services offered within the program. We share goals, techniques and approaches and work collaboratively with parents to ensure that the child’s sensory, social-emotional, motor, cognitive, language and communication skills are constantly progressing

We use smart groupings

We use smart groupings to match our children’s readiness and developmental levels to meet their needs and challenge them further.

We place our children in small classes with other children within similar developmental levels. We use paired groups and slowly integrate them into bigger groups to prepare them for school placement

We offer high intensity therapy

We offer high intensity therapy your child needs to prepare them for eventual school placement. Daily speech therapy and occupational therapy is included within the program. physiotherapy is also provided if required

We have the Expertise

We utilise Kaleidoscope Therapy Centre’s consultants, therapists and staff who are experienced and fully qualified as therapists or special educators.. They are all trained in the latest best practices, approaches and techniques. We are experts in our field and watch over and safeguard your child’s progress